HBH Foods

As a Manufacturer, processor & Cleaning of dehydrated ingredients we provide vertical integration to control quality without added cost. We supplement this core capability with global procurement and reprocessing to provide a full line of ingredients. No other company world-wide does more to optimize these two business models.
We are Producers. Our factory is in India operating at the highest tier of food safety with BRC STANDARDS and operational efficiency in the region. Our production of onion, garlic, all spices, all agro products and many other dried vegetables ingredients gives us the widest high-volume outputs & same to serve world-wide.
We are Global Procurement of raw onions, spices, herbs & all agro products and Processing. Many of our fresh raw ingredients come from our cultivation area & same to process in our factory. Our global reach enables us to procure these ingredients, reprocess them using state-of-the-art technology, and bring them to our sales channels for world-wide distribution. Our Quality Assurance experts travel the globe to ensure our standards are upheld.
View our Product List and give us a call, or email us at sales@hbhfoods.in, and we will gladly discuss your requirements.
We are a Network of Strategic Business Partners. Key operations around the world (South Africa, Europe, & USA..) partner with HBH Foods to produce finished goods in strict adherence to our production requirements. These partner facilities cooperate with HBH Foods under regional and international trade agreements. In short we facilitates the dehydrated products, spices & all agro products with optimum quality to ensure the GOODWILL.
We are Global Sales and Distribution. Most of our major customers have operations across the globe. HBH Foods now operates under THREE global business units for direct substitution sales into every major food market world-wide. Our entire portfolio of ingredients is available either by our global consumers who assure the quality and services on behalf of us to have better grab in the Food Industry.
HBH Foods provides value added blending especially for onions and garlic in various forms like Kibbled, Minced, Chopped, Granules and powder, All spices & all agro products. We have the ability to formulate blends and package in many different ways to optimize customer requirements. We can also work with customers on flavor variations to find the right solution for their applications.
Customization and Blending We sell SAFE & CLEAN ingredients with NATURAL flavors. We can reduce your operational cost by producing in various forms like Kibbled, minced, chopped, granules & powder especially for onions and garlic or the entire formulation and shipping to you in your desired packaging. Our Technical Team can match or develop a flavor profile of dehydrated vegetables, herbs, spices, all agro products and other ingredients to meet your application requirements.