Mission, Vision & Strategy


HBH FOOD's mission is to provide the assurance that our customers can produce their products according to their specifications. We do this by sourcing, processing and delivering single spices, herbs, all agro products and dehydrated vegetables in an economically efficient and quality consistent way. "QUALITY DETERMINES OUR SUCCESS"


We share our knowledge and experience to optimize our and our customers' performance. We follow PROTECT & PRODUCE POLICY to have best outputs and same to serve in the GLOBAL market. We secure an uninterrupted supply of authentic, natural and food safe spices. We commit to the importance of developing a sustainable supply chain with Foods safety Policy and also with high grade food standard certificates such as ISO 22000, Kosher, and BRC etc. Therefore we invest our safe products in people, in relationships, in order to be partners for a long term period not for a period but for a life time Partnership.


HBH FOODS has been a recognized leader in the dehydrated products, all agro products & in spice Industry, business for decades and first point of call for dehydrated onions, garlic, and all agro product & spice and food industries for sourcing their input materials. Our aim is to be a 'partner' to our customers and to add value in the short as well as the permanent & symbiotic relationship.

HBHFOODS was one of the first companies that offered the food industry from INDIA, the option to outsource single spice ingredients, dehydrated ingredients & also for all agro products to origin countries. Compliance with food safety, labor and environmental regulations in consuming countries are creating an environment in which food industries can only process at higher costs. We work together with our customers to develop customer specific supply programs. Our overall strategy is to combine our expertise in sourcing, merchanting and distribution with our knowhow of processing, manufacturing & cleaning the ingredients in origin. This provides a unique proposition for food industries to source their ingredients in a cost efficient manner, thereby saving on the cost of ownership of ingredients. Moving processing of single spice ingredients from high cost consuming markets to low cost producing regions is a condition for the food ingredient companies to remain competitive.

Main areas of savings are in :

  • Handling of the product.
  • Manufacturing, Processing, Cleaning and packing.
  • COLD Warehousing, Insurance and Finance.

Furthermore economies of scale advantages can be achieved by combining small to medium sized volumes of our customers' requirements.