Vendor Management

In order to guarantee the quality, safety and ethical standards inherent to HBH FOODS products, the following procedures are in place :

  • Suppliers are selected and audited on quality, food safety and ethics.
  • All products and services delivered by the supplier must meet the quality and safety standards required both by law and by HBH FOOD's specifications. When conducting business with or on behalf of HBH FOODS, suppliers must comply with HBH FOOD's General Requirements.
  • Raw materials, finished goods and packaging materials are sampled and tested at arrival and can only be used in production after positive release. In case of deviations or rejections, the supplier will be informed and corrective actions are requested.

To conduct all business activities in full compliance with applicable laws and to be guided by integrity and honesty, HBH FOODS also requires such behavior from all business partners, especially suppliers. For this purpose, a supplier ethics code has been integrated into HBH FOOD's sustainability policy.

"The right sourcing partners starts with thoroughly selecting the exact quality to have the best outputs"