Allergen Policy

HBH FOODS has strict procedures in place to prevent any cross-contamination with allergens. A general company policy on how to handle allergen-free products is enforced. Specific attention is given to :

  • Employee's allergen awareness.
  • Risk assessments.
  • Specific closed recipients and dedicated utensils.
  • Planning and cleaning sequences.
  • Control measures in production.
  • Clear responsibilities for rework.
  • Additional customer requirements.
  • Allergen monitoring (cross contamination validation).
  • Legal requirements.

The production plant in Wapenveld follows a 'nut-free/sesame-free' policy. The production facility enforces special handling and cleaning instructions to prevent any cross-contamination with nut-products.

With regard to other allergens, such as soy, wheat and milk, the risk of contamination is minimized by strict cleaning procedures, planning-sequence and other appropriate measures.

HBH FOODS's product development department has all the know-how needed to develop allergen-free products in accordance with client specifications.

"Allergens have a huge strong effect, allergen control procedures are extremely important & necessary"