Raw Materials And Contaminants

Raw materials, Finished goods and packaging materials are always sampled and tested on arrival (positive release) in FACTORY WHILE PROCESS. In case of deviations (limited approval) or rejections, suppliers are informed and corrective actions are requested or demanded.

HBH FOODS has an extensive contaminants monitoring program for raw material spices, herbs and other dehydrated ingredients, which are tested by ISO 22000 accredited external lab parties. For all in-house critical parameters, HBH FOODS participates in all mandatory ring tests.

The frequency of testing depends on experience, market information, volume, origin and type of raw material. Testing parameters include :

  • Mycotoxins.
  • Fumigation residues.
  • Contaminants, like pesticide residues, heavy metals, illegal dyes.
  • Detecting irradiation treatment.
  • Microbiology.

Genetic Modified Organisms (GMO's).

HBH FOOD's policy is not to buy any raw materials or finished goods which may be processed from GMO's. In case of corn and soya products and derivates, suppliers must demonstrate that these sources are non-GMO by maintaining an IP (Identity Preserved) documented system.

Our aim is to assure the integrity of food chains and provide safe and high quality products.

"We specialized to manufacture the Natural Ingredients with Food Safety Standards"